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The Heart Behind the Shop

I come from a small town, so we have a ton of little mom and pop shops. It was ingrained in me early to shop local and shop small. Yes, we have a Walmart and the next town over a Target, but for a good chunk of things, we try to shop our local small shops.

I Once Was A Sceptic…

I never in a million years thought I would be a “baby wearer.” Structured carriers seemed uncomfortable, ring slings were confusing, and wraps looked like a LOT of fabric.

Tonight, I Cried.

I have days I feel like a rockstar mom, a great wife, and a good friend. Today wasn’t one of those days. And that’s ok.

The Best FIRST Birthday Gifts!

Knowing what to get a kid for their birthday is tough. Knowing what to get a ONE year old, who can’t really talk or express what they want, is even harder! My daughter is juuuuust about to turn one, so I knew people would be asking what they could get her. I looked up list after list, toy after toy, trying to figure out what in the heck you give a one year old.

My Fave Girl Shops

I have two daughters and loooove to shop, which means I’ve searched high and low for my most favorite girl products. From shoes and bows, to dresses and graphic tees, I’ve gathered all my faves in one spot just for you.

All Aboard the Hot Mess Express!

Below is an actual picture of what my family room looks like right now. Toys scattered everywhere, clothes that need put away, floor that needs swept, all in its glory on display just for you! Embarrassing, right?

Withstanding the Heat

There are those of us who have spouses still on the front lines of this pandemic that bring along an entirely different set of challenges. For me, my husband is a firefighter.

Engaged & Entertained

I’ve put together a list of things you can do with your child during the “social distancing” to keep them entertained, engaged, excited, and keep their mind off of COVID-19.

Managing Our Chaos

After an insane amount of trial and error, we finally found a system that works for us. Having two kids and limited time, we needed something that was quick and easy, yet got the job done. Alas, our Cleaning Calendar was born! Here’s how it works.

The Elephant in the Room…

Growing up I always had an idea of what my family would look like. I knew that I wanted to start my family out with two adorable, strong little boys and finish out my clan of kiddos with the sweetest little girl. Three kids, in exactly that order. Oh man did God laugh at my plan when he blessed me with not one, but two perfect little girls.

My Top 10 Baby Essentials

After hours upon hours of research, as well as my personal experiences with every one of these products, I can honestly tell you these are my top 10 must haves.

Hi, I’m Chelsi

Thanks for dropping in. Before we get into the nitty-gritty content I’ve promised, I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little about myself.

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